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Water Safety Data

Water Safety Scotland monitors water fatality data and provides practitioners with information via a trend report each year. This is to help provide insight to the causation factors leading to drownings with the aim of focussing maximising efforts with the ultimate goal of reducing water-related fatalities.

Water Safety Scotland obtains drowning fatality data in two ways:

  • Through the Drowning and Incident Review. This is a process created by Water Safety Scotland, SFRS and RoSPA to analyse data and understand the contributory factors of a water-related incident with the overall intention of gaining a better understanding of how to prevent similar incidents occurring in future.
  • Through the WAter Incident Database (WAID).

The WAID interactive Dashboard uses data collected from the WAter Incident Database and presents it in the form of an interactive report. You can view the report on the NWSF website here - Interactive report | National Water Safety Forum Alternatively the report is embedded on this website here.

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