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Holiday Advice

There are a few keys things you can do to keep you and your family safe when in an around water on holiday abroad.

  • Seek advice from your travel agent when booking a holiday to ask if the beach is safe and whether trained lifeguards will be on duty.
  • Be aware that the most common time for children to have accidents on holiday is within the first hour of a holiday when parents are unpacking and distracted. Parents should take care during this time to make sure that they know where their children are.
  • When you have unpacked, visit the beach and make yourself aware of any potential dangers before going into the sea.
  • While at the beach, never let your young children out of your reach and don’t let older children out of sight – supervision is the key to preventing serious accidents.
  • Always ask for local advice, for example from lifeguards, tourist information offices, local coastguard stations, or even local fishermen, on where and when it is not safe to stroll on the beach or enter the water.
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