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Partnership Approach to Water Safety (PAWS) is a multi-agency approach to improving water safety that combines the knowledge and experience of those individuals and organisations that best understand, and can manage, risks in and around water.


There are 3 key stages:

  • Prevention:

    Raising water safety awareness through education, engagement and media platforms.

  • Improved Incident Response:

    Training the public how to safely respond in the developing stages of a water emergency, and conducting multi-agency training events with Search & Rescue partners.

  • Review:

    Reviewing significant water events via Drowning & Incident Review (DIR) to gather information and gain an understanding of contributory factors or trends to allow a focused approach to drowning prevention.

Guidance for establishing a paws group

A partnership approach to water safety

Guidance for establishing a paws group


A partnership approach to water safety


If you wish to find out if there is a PAWS group in your local area, or you are looking to establish one, please contact us using our contact form. Our team will answer any queries you might have and provide full support.


PAWS Chair report

We issue an annual survey to PAWS Chairs, which enables us to monitor dissemination of national resources and messaging at local level. Below you can view the latest report that was produced using the results of this survey.


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