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Water Safety Scotland is committed to working together and one of the best ways that we can do this is by sharing some of our members’ campaigns.

Water Safety Open Day 2023

The Water Safety Open Day is returning to Helix Park for its second year. This event has been organised in recognition of the third annual UN-designated World Drowning Prevention Day.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness of water safety and the work of the organisations present, including Water Safety Scotland, Scottish Water, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Police Scotland and Scottish Canals.

The event is free and non-ticketed – just turn up – and there is the opportunity to win prizes and get involved in some fun activities.

Main Demonstrations 

11:20 Multi – agency water rescue exercise (morning demonstration) with Scottish Fire and Rescue, Police Scotland and Scottish Ambulance Service.

12:00 Watch the Scottish Newfoundland Club in a water rescue.

12:45 Throwline Challenge (challenge the professionals).

13:30 Multi – agency water rescue exercise (afternoon demonstration) with Scottish Fire and Rescue, Police Scotland and Scottish Ambulance Service.

Other activities happening throughout the day:
Partner stands with interactive activities for kids
Competitions to win some great prizes
Throw bag challenge – can you beat the professionals
Free facepainting
Meet the mascot
Beat the Goalie

World Drowning Prevention Day

World drowning prevention day is a worldwide WHO initiative aimed at preventing drowing incidents.

More than 90% of drowning deaths occur in low and middle-income countries, with children under the age of five being at highest risk. These deaths are frequently linked to daily, routine activities .....

...such as bathing, collecting water for domestic use, travelling over water on boats or ferries, and fishing. The impacts of seasonal or extreme weather events, are also a frequent cause of drowning.

Most of these deaths are preventable, through evidence-based, low-cost solutions.

Canal Careful

The #CanalCareful campaign is focused on younger children and families, to educate about the dangers of Scotland’s canals, and to encourage children to enjoy the canals responsibly at all times of the year. Scotland’s canals are enjoyed by many, from walkers and paddlers to boaters and cyclists, attracting more than 20 million visits throughout the year, and summer is a particularly popular time to enjoy the waterways. Scottish Canals is encouraging us to become aware of the hidden dangers of canals. To watch the CanalCareful message video please use this link

While the canals and reservoirs may look inviting on a warm day, open waters can harbour a number of hidden dangers which children may not be aware of. The summer safety campaign features schools’ resources and worksheets, as well as a social media campaign which uses three mascots – Kind Kingfisher, Daft Duck and Healthy Hedgehog – to raise awareness of the dangers and encourage #CanalCareful behaviour.

Respect The Water

RespectTheWater (#RespectTheWater) is campaign which originates from RNLI, and now is the national campaign for members of the National Water Safety Forum. It runs throughout the year, but with a focus on the busy spring and summer months, complimenting and amplifying a number of national water safety campaign weeks.

It aims to provide lifesaving advice for those in danger in, on or close to the water.

Almost 50% of people still don’t know to call 999 when they see someone struggling in the water, with many people panicking and following their instinct to jump in and help.

Our aim (together with the NWSF is to reduce accidental drowning fatalities in the UK by 50% by 2026 and reduce risk amongst the highest risk populations, groups and communities.

Drowning Prevention Week

The aim of World drowning prevention week is simple: to educate as many people as possible about water safety to prevent future drownings. The week is one of the largest summer water safety campaigns across the UK.

Be Water Aware

The aim of Be Water Aware is to encourage people to spend time in and around water safely. The campaign week runs in April but the message applies throughout the year.

The initiative supports the aims and objectives of the UK National Drowning Prevention Strategy and that of other member organisations of the National Water Safety Forum. By aligning our messaging and supporting a calendar of campaigns we aim to reduce preventable deaths through drowning. 

Don’t Drink and Drown

Don't Drink and Drown is the Royal Life Saving Society UK’s national campaign that encourages smart decision-making whilst being drunk around water.
Don’t Drink and Drown particularly targets individuals to be responsible for their friends if they have had too much to drink; helping them to return home safely.



Float to live

The RNLI launched its new water safety campaign in June 2022, asking people to Float To Live – What To Do In An Emergency after aiding nearly 400 people on beaches last year.

Recent figures reveal more than 267,000 people visited the eight RNLI lifeguarded beaches last summer, and the charity expects another busy season.

In 2021, RNLI lifeboats in Scotland saw a 10 percent increase in launches compared to 2020, with the crew witnessing an increase in paddleboarding incidents and swimmer casualties.

To watch the #floattolive video please use this link

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