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Novelty inflatables are inexpensive, popular and widely-available products that come in all shapes and sizes like unicorns or flamingos and are often used in swimming pools.

What is the risk?

Many inflatables are being used at beaches in Scotland but the key advice is that novelty inflatables should never be used at the coast and can cause a serious risk to your safety if they are.

  • Strong currents can rapidly sweep inflatables and those on them out to sea
  • Strong winds can also blow out the inflatable to sea in minutes
  • There have been cases of people panicking and abandoning the inflatable which leads to sudden immersion of the individual into cold water – which can lead to cold water shock
novely inflateables are dangerous in the sea

How to minimise the risk


  • Only one key piece of advice - Keep inflatables for home and swimming pool use only – never use novelty inflatables in open water.

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