Waterside Responder Scheme



Every year, around 96 people drown in the seas and inland waters of the Scotland.  The RNLI Waterside Responder scheme  is seeking to change that. By working with trusted partners including Water Safety Scotland and SFRS, we are providing specialist training to help prevent drowning around rivers and waterways across Scotland.

RNLI, as professional search and rescue (SAR) organisation  are pretty successful at rescuing most people who are rescuable, but we can’t do anything about incidents we don’t know about.

Even if we do know about them, in many cases we may not be able to get there in time.

Some drownings and fatalities are related to the night-time economy (such as bars, clubs and restaurants), and many involve alcohol.

This programme is about equipping people who work near water – especially where a lot of alcohol is consumed – with the basic knowledge and skills to be confident to take action to save a life.

This training programme will give you the basic knowledge and skills you need to:

• recognise hazards in and around water

• provide safety advice to people using waterside areas

• rescue someone from the water.

If a venue is identified as legally requiring their staff to be trained in waterside rescue, they should be referred to the RLSS UK in order for their staff to gain the required formal qualification.

The RNLI can not do this alone so we have also designed a Waterside Responder Train The Trainer Course. This course allows us to train our partners to be competent in providing the Waterside Responder, ensuring we are able to cover both coastal and inland requests.

For more information on the scheme, contact info@WaterSafetyScotland.org.uk