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Waterside Responder

The Waterside Responder Scheme (WRS) is a RNLI course that aims to equip people who work near water on a daily basis. It provides the basic skills and knowledge of how to react when faced with a water emergency, and ultimately to enable a responder to save a life.

A typical example of this is where someone has entered a body of water after consuming alcohol, and has, as a result of this put themselves in danger.

These WRS skills include:

  • Recognising hazards in and around water
  • Providing safety advice to people using waterside areas
  • Calling the emergency services and safely rescuing someone from water

A WRS Train the Trainer course has been designed that allows water safety partners to competently deliver WRS in their local areas.

For more information on the scheme, please contact us using our contact form. Our our team will answer any queries you might have and provide full support.

Using a life saving throwing device
Using a life saving throwing device

By working with trusted partners, including Water Safety Scotland and SFRS, the RNLI are providing this specialist training throughout Scotland to help prevent drownings in both coastal and inland environments.

Please note that if a venue is identified as legally requiring their staff to be trained in waterside rescue they should contact The Royal Life Saving Society for their staff to gain a formal qualification.

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