World Drowning Prevention Day









In April 2021, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly affirmed drowning as a preventable global public health issue and declared 25 July as World Drowning Prevention Day.

Water Safety Scotland backs this call and World Drowning Prevention Day and urges its members to support the day via social media.

We have created a short document outlining the current work of WSS and water safety in Scotland and how this reinforces the recommendations of the UN resolution. This can be found here.

We urge members to use social media and share videos and pictures of support and using the following hashtags:

#DrowningPrevention Day

 Suggested tweets and some social media assets can be found below:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also released guidelines for social media use on the day. These can be found online here:

For more info from the WHO, please visit:

Please also visit the Building Safer Communities Unintentional Harm and Injury Hub for exemplars in water safety practice: Building Safer Communities (