Don’t Drink and Drown

Dont drink and drown

Fresher’s Week, Christmas, a family party, a work’s night out - it only takes a split second for happy hour to end in a nightmare. Figures state that about a quarter of all adult drowning victims have alcohol in their bloodstream. If you’ve had a drink, stay away from the water. These key messages from RLSS UK and supported by their bold presentation of this crucial safety message aims to reduce the amount of alcohol and drug related drowning particularly around the festive season when this becomes an even bigger risk than usual.

Water Safety Scotland recognises the importance of this campaign and the need for party goers to keep themselves safe when out enjoying the season.

Stay Safe

  • Don’t enter the water if you have been drinking
  • Alcohol seriously affects your ability to get yourself out of trouble
  • Look out for your friends, make sure they get home safely
  • Don’t walk home near water, you might fall in

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